Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Year 2 Holiday

Genting Kota Keriangan. 
(RM34 + RM66 = RM100)
       ( 1 night stay)

How to get there?
Bus from Kajang + skyway (kereta cable) = RM 13
Depart: 9.30 a.m        Arrive: 11.00 a.m

Best deal Rate:- RM 68 per night                          (ok la,, divide by two = RM34 per person)
                                                                         (tp kna cepat la, tempah online je tuk deal neh)
                                                Payment: credit card ONLY.. no Maybank2u, or other banking.

Hotel: First World Hotel                                          (Hotel tbaik la.. boleh la nk rehat2)
Room: Standard Room
Amenities: Two single bed.

Themepark(All Park unlimited): RM 66

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rewind Rewrite

crude oil contain water, suspended solid, and inorganic salts.
so we refine the crude oil to reduce corrosion and catalyst poisoning.

2 Petroleum Refining Process:

Physical and Chemical process.

cari doh dio dok rehat = Carbonisation, destrustive distillation, dry dist, retortion.

Carbonisation is used to produced metallurgical subs. eg: wood for charcoal.

Destructive Distillation is to collect volatile product n discovering many compound.

Dry distillation is heating solid materials, condensed n collected.

Retortion is placing crushed oil shales, heated and condendesed the oil vapour.

Physical process:

Desalting by addition, heating, separation and discharge.

Hot water is added into crude oil. Crude oil is heated until salts and impurities dissolve into water, so oil and water is separated, and everythg will dischared,.

Crude Distillation:

byknya pasal distillation,, aduss,, study lagi, tulis lagi,, boboh....